A Fresh Taste of the Garden Especially Great for Summer Outdoor Dining


Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 20 min Total Time 20 mins Servings: 4 Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


Guacamole with Thin Crispy Tortilla Chips



  1. Cut the avocados in half lengthwise and remove the stone.  Scoop out the meat of the avocados from their hard skin using a large serving spoon and drop it in your bowl or mortar.

  2. Add in your quartered tomatoes, chopped peppers, and onions.  Begin to turn this mixture into a very wet paste by using the pestle to smash and grind the ingredients against the bottom of the mortar.

  3. Next place the lime juice, kosher salt, cilantro and black pepper in with the avocados; all to your taste.

  4. This final step depends on whether you are using a bowl or mortar.  If it’s a bowl start using a potato masher or fork to turn the mixture into very wet paste.  I prefer to use a stone mortar and pestle because it crushes everything so much better and brings out a fresh garden flavor.


  1. One thing to know about avocados is that they turn a very darkened pale unappetizing green very quickly once they hit the air.  The taste is not affected, but it just doesn't look like something you want to eat.  Therefore, I try to make an amount of guacamole that will be totally eaten.  If you have extra or are not serving it immediately store it in a container with the smallest size opening as you can find.  This reduces the amount of surface space which comes into contact with the air.  Also, cover it with plastic wrap laid right on top of and touching the guacamole.  Anything that turns off color can be skimmed off the top, and the remainder will be that bright green color.  The acidic citrus juice will also help keep the guacamole from turning color.  
  2. If you have avocados which are not quite ripe enough(much to firm to dent with your thumb easily), then leave them on the counter until      they soften.  Then immediately place them in the refrigerator.  They will hold at this level of ripeness for quite a while.  They will not further ripen for several weeks.  I've kept them in a stable state for over a month.
  3. Tortilla chips are great to dip in guacamole, but there are so many things you can do with it.  It's great if you toast wheat bread and spread it on like peanut butter.  It's also fantastic on sandwiches.  Try putting a dollop of it in the middle of a chicken or steak salad.  It's tremendous.  If you're serving grilled chicken or steak serve it on the plate with rice and a mix of roasted red peppers/corn.  The plate will not only taste great, but it will also be beautiful and appetizing.
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