What can we learn from the moon?


The moon is earth’s closest celestial body. What can we learn from it?

Moon 06-11-2019 9:32PM Nikon D3300 Celestron NexStar 8se

Gaze at the moon through a telescope, and you’ll experience the amazement of an object you can’t touch or feel.  It’s our closest celestial body, yet it’s so far away.  Think about our vast universe. We are just a miniscule spec in comparison to its infinite size.  Try to dream of what might be going on far beyond the capabilities of the human eye. This infinity defines the boundaries of what humans can achieve.  One day we will be able to explore and learn, by visiting the universe’s most distant reaches.  Right now doing that is just a fantasy.  Yet the long-term suggests it’s not only possible, but that we will indeed succeed in doing just that.  In fact, our future is not here on earth.  If we want to continue the existence of mankind, then we must rely on our ability to move beyond our planet’s atmosphere. That same vision relates to all parts of life. 

Photograph of the Moon I snapped

We evolve and learn so quickly.  That is why I always try to think of my thoughts as ending with the phrase “right now”.  When you lose a loved one; you’re heart broken and sad…….”right now”.  You may lose your job, and become financially buried….”right now”.  However, the job loss may push you into the best you’ve ever had.  I’ve always felt that way about my illness and the lack of a diagnosis or physician consensus on my condition.  For instance,  in my mind there is no diagnosis nor viable treatment. This has resulted in me being unable to do the things I want to do in my life…..”RIGHT NOW”.  I never stopped looking and won’t.  Each time that I hit a wall, I just go back to the drawing board and try harder.  I read more.  I learn more.  I think more.  You can do just about anything if you don’t allow yourself to get discouraged by failure; AND JUST KEEP TRYING.  Failure is nothing but shrinking the list of possibilities by eliminating bad options.