Category: Introduction

Chapter: 8

A Foreshadowing Of My Future It’s odd how beautiful it always seems to be on my days of surgery.  This day did not disappoint.  I think it was a Wednesday and the month was June.  I love May and June.  They’re the best months of the year.  It […]

What is this blog about?

What is this blog about? I’m still developing a complete vision of all that I want this blog to become. There are a few items/sections which I know, of course, will be staples here. Such as my intentions to give details on the events that have transpired in […]

Why is this blog here?

I’m not the type of person who is active in social media. For example, I do not participate in Facebook or Twitter. Therefore, I debated a long and hard before choosing to move forward with this blog. My main motivation for starting this page is to make an […]