Ukrainian Conflict

All human beings are granted at birth the inherent rights to sovereignty and pursuit of health, happiness, independence, and prosperity.  Whomever the god you observe it does not matter.  All gods create humans equal and afford them the same basic rights. This basis principle cannot be rejected by any well intended, unselfish, good-hearted person. 

I subscribe to the ideology that the meaning of life and reason for our existence is to love and help one another.  No human could survive alone.  Humans need other humans for survival and growth. We are social animals designed to work together in groups/communities to make our lives better.  Our communities are living organisms themselves.  We rely on each other for love, hate, joy, anger, work, financial prosperity, and help during times of sadness or need.  Humans are no different than an ant colony.  Although, once these groups, these colonies, these communities are formed, the negative side of humans manifests.  We start to immerse ourselves in our own world.  We begin to think others are lesser people because they are different.  We want what others have.  We threaten or attack those who threaten us.  Examples of this behavior are glowingly evident today in Eastern Europe.  Russia has advanced its armies into the Ukraine.  At one time the Ukraine was itself Russia.  After the collapse of the communist ruling party led by Mikhail Gorbachev at the end of the 1980’s, Eastern Europe drastically changed over the ensuing decades.  Many regions of Russia’s giant territory separated themselves from the Kremlin and formed their own sovereign states.  Some still holding their allegiance to the communist regime and others somewhat distancing themselves.  The Ukraine happens to be one of the new sovereign states who distanced themselves from Russia. The turmoil in the Ukraine has been simmering this whole century.  Ukraine likes their independence, but Russia does not.  Their intention was to let Ukraine have its own country if they are subservient pawns of Russia.  In short that obviously has been a problem and the world is in this debacle currently with no end in sight.  Sound familiar?  Just look back to the late 1700’s.     

Both ends of a spectrum are represented in this awful predicament.  The evil side and the compassionate/loving side.  No one can deny that the evil side is Vladimir Putin.  Not the Russian people but solely, Putin and those who willingly support him or choose to selfishly protect themselves by being subservient to the fascist.  There are several groupings you can separate the Russians population into.

  1. Those who are subservient and supportive to Putin for financial reasons. There are so many oligarchs and their wealth is beyond an opulent classification.
  2. Those who are subservient and supportive of Putin to sustain their status in the authoritarian/military regime and their associated financial status.  Although it’s in another category when compared with oligarchs, they still enjoy a luxury lifestyle.  The generals and other officers of lesser rank have gained their perpetual status and frankly kept themselves alive by obeying like a loyal canine.
  3. There are citizens of the general population who have been brainwashed by a totalitarian government by hearing lie after lie since birth with no comparing experiences available from democratic alternatives.  These people fall in line because of fear and blindness.
  4. Then there are citizens of the general population who have seen these democratic alternatives and can easily see through the state’s continual propaganda.  These are the class represented by thousands of demonstrators who have risen and protested their country’s unwarranted attack on the sovereign state Ukraine.  Russians in this category have risked and probably ended their lives as a consequence of their actions and “arrest”. 
  5. The Russian General Infantry cannot be forgotten.  They have been forced into this war without even knowing why they are there.  Hearing lie after lie as to Putin’s reasoning for this plan of lunacy.  They too are victims of Putin.

The compassionate side includes the myriad of countries hosting the millions of refugees fleeing this orchestrated chaos.  Also, those who supply money, armaments, and food are of compassionate intent. Despite the irony of giving weapons to kill, those countries are acting out of good intent. Thousands of people acting on sympathy for the Ukrainians have come from nations around the world to join the actual violent combat.  Seeking vengeance for the destruction of the Eastern European nation.


The looming elephant in the room revolves around the appropriate time for NATO to act.  No right or wrong exists in this instance. There is no mythological oracle presidents can visit for advice. In this real world the independent actions of all the moving parts in this out of control machine determines the eventual fate of our world. There are so many permutations and combinations of future scenarios but only a few outcomes.  When does NATO or any team of nations enter the conflict with military action on their own behalf. There seems to be no way to avoid a conflict with the Russian federation.  The growing sentiment is it is merely a question of when the United States and Russia collide.  Based on the principles described earlier it is the duty of Ukrainians fellow humans to intervene. No human has the right to invade any sovereign nation unprovoked. One could even debate the appropriateness of retaliatory action to unprovoked aggression at minor levels.  We should not just be an observer of the destruction of a country and slaughtering of innocent men, women, and children.  The consequences of intervening are a Third World War or much worse a nuclear confrontation.  I am not in favor of standing by and watching the murderous incursion.  Yes those consequences are frightening and disastrous, but the lives and torture of the Ukrainian people are worth that risk. It is the worlds duty as a team of humanity to help the Ukrainians. Allowing this to happen without recourse is akin to separating the world into multiple factions working against each other.  Each hoping for the others failure.  What kind of world is that to live in.  No god that is observed by any religion in this world approves of this behavior.  No well intended human believes in this behavior.  Only humans who are acting on their own selfish hateful, ignorant emotions act like this. Yes one of humans most basic and even beautiful traits are our flaws. An egregious lack of perfection.  That must exist. Failure of being perfect helps us learn lessons.  Appreciate our successes.  But that imperfection is useless if we fail to learn from it.  Involving the world too late is a travesty.  Trying to put ourselves in their position imaginatively is as close as we can get to feeling their pain.  It’s not close enough but is enough for us to realize we would be begging for help.  Be at our wits end. Is it better for someone to die or survive.  Surviving traps you into a hard life of mental anguish.  PTSD for decades to come. A sense of emptiness for those who lost parts or all of their family.  If you have the ability to prevent this situation, then you must.  It is your duty as a human to love and protect others.  Just as you should expect it in return.   We would not be a country without the help of France. The colonies were losing or barely holding our own until France helped with manpower and training. So reminiscent of today. 


One of my pet peeves is the history curriculum in our schools.  Personally, I was taught almost nothing about World War II, the Korean War, or Vietnam. There are other parts of history not covered too.  The Civil War, slavery, the migration of people to our country for opportunity in the early 1900’s.  All extremely critical events in forming our republic. 

A very young United States was once in this very same situation as Ukraine. Colonies formed by British people developing their own territory and land.  The huge power to the east (the father country) trying to retain control over the people.  The large parent nation sends military service to forcefully gain a stronghold over the once nationalized population. The colonists were completely overmatched except for one area. Their steadfast hearts.  The colonists held their own until receiving help from France.  Both property and human life losses were substantial to the United Colonies, but they retained enough strategic points by way of a great civilian militia backing the small undeveloped army infantry.  Marquis de Lafayette is widely popularized as the first French supporter.  Lafayette injected himself into the fray by enlisting in George Washingtons Army.  He and the French army proceeded to provide invaluable training, leadership, ideology, 63 naval warships along with 22,000 serving sailors, and 12,000 infantries.  This European support and the emergence of the many great leaders who would become the fathers of our country led the people of the colonies to form the greatest country on this earth.  The Ukranian people deserve the same hope and opportunity given to the United States of America.  in fact, every man and woman on this earth deserves those same simple rights.

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